Open Chrome Download Folder Location ShortCut Key

For this to work I’m using:

  1. Authotkey
  2. Windows Enviroment
  3. DropBox To Sync the scripts

Step 1: Download and install authotkey

Download and install auto hotkey from the link above. Create a text document and save it as


Step 2: Place the file in your DropBox Folder

Copy that file to a Dropbox folder that you sync across computers.

Step 3: Make A Symbolic Link To Your Script So It Would Run On Startup

Run cmd.exe As Administrator and enter the follwing commad:

mklink "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" "C:\Dropbox\Folder\your_script.ahk"

This will make a symbolic link to your script that resides in the Dropbox folder. You muste enter this command on every windows machine that you are using.

Step4: Define A Windows Enviroment Variable

  1. Open Control Panel » System » Advanced » Environment Variables.
  2. Add the following %DOWNLOAD_CHROME% = D:\Downloads (enter the path to your download folder)

For details about Windows Enviroment Variable go here.

Step 5: Editing The Script

Enter the following in your script .ahk file and save it.

Run, explorer "%DOWNLOAD_CHROME%" ;

Step 6: Restart Windows Or Autohotkey

Autohotkey program needs to be restarted in order to take the enviroment variable, but you could also restart Windows in order to see if the script is loading at startup.

Step 7: Hit Ctrl+ALT+D To Open The Chrome/Browser Download Folder

Now hit the ctrl+alt+d to open the download folder.

Step 8:  Enter The Enviroment Variable On Each Windows Machine

In order to keep your shortcut keys syncronized, use system enviroment variables on each machine. Maybe on your home machine the Downloads folder is in H: then repeat on your home machine the steps above.

At step #4 enter %DOWNLOAD_CHROME% = D:\Downloads and so on!

This shortcut keys are very usefull for marketing jobs done write at super blazed speed on the computer!


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