Windows Anniversary Update Fresh Install It’s A Disaster

I’ve recently had to format my PC and make a fresh USB from Windows. It came with Windows 10 Anniversary update. Dropbox doesn’t work. Owncloud doesn’t work and the computer keeps hanging up. You can’t kill an app, o restart! After two installations I’ve figured it out it was Windows Anniversary Update and make a fresh install from an old USB.  With windows 10 1511 built. All is working fine now. I’ve wasted 12 hours with Windows Anniversary Update. Happy anniversary Microsoft! You rock!

Stop Windows 10 Update Resources And Control Updates:

I really don’t like that your OWN operating system is not in your hand, and always is a possibility to get broken from a forced update/upgrade.

These tyrannical policies that companies engage in, must stop! It’s disrespectful for the consumers (at least). 

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