Month: November 2016

How To Add PayPal Address To ArpReach Client List Automatically With Zapier

You will need the following to achieve that: Gmail Account PayPal Account Arpreach at least basic Zapier account (you need multi steps) Look at this tutorial first from arpReach blog: click here. You will need this search on Gmail: from:( subject:(“You received a payment”) “for [name of your product]”     Step 1 Step 2 Step … Read more

9 Lead Magents Ideas Summary

From one of the best articles on Guide/Report Cheat Sheet/Handout Toolkit/Resource List Video Training Software Download/Free Trial Discount/Free Shipping Quiz/Survey Assessment/Test  Blind/Sales Material Here are some mind maps from these lead magnets ideas: 8-Point Lead Magnet Success Checklist 1. Ultra Specific Do I sound like a broken record yet? I’ll repeat specificity more times … Read more

How to Get Leads on Facebook for $2 Each Diagram

  Tim: So you’re boosting post and then once you’re retargeting them what are you trying to get them to go to? Are you then sending them to a landing page. Are you sending them somewhere else? Jessica: Yes. When we’re retargeting them, we’re sending them to a landing page. So we have a variety … Read more

Ryan Deiss Funnel Conversion Webinar Notes

My personal notes: Lead Magnet 1 report worked better than 6 reports. People want the desired end result They don’t want to read the tutorial Focus on the desired end result. Quickly – consume in 5 minutes. Tripwire it’s not the price that keeps you from buying it  you want to charge something – change the relationship … Read more

A step-by-step case study from Neil Patel

A. Example of a standard campaign: Unique website visitors: 1,000 Conversion rate (percentage of people that buy): 0.5% Price: $97 Number of sales: 5 Total revenue: $485.00   Here you can see the numbers based on 0.5% conversion rate. Sadly, most sites convert worse than 0.5%. In fact, MOST sites don’t convert at all. If … Read more