A step-by-step case study from Neil Patel

A. Example of a standard campaign:

  • Unique website visitors: 1,000

  • Conversion rate (percentage of people that buy): 0.5%

  • Price: $97

  • Number of sales: 5

  • Total revenue: $485.00


Here you can see the numbers based on 0.5% conversion rate. Sadly, most sites convert worse than 0.5%. In fact, MOST sites don’t convert at all.

If you look at any successful business online/offline, they have a powerful sales process that turns visitors into customers AND turns customers into repeat customers.

Now let me show you what an optimized marketing campaign looks like and break down the impact this can have in your business…

B. Example of an optimized marketing campaign:

1st session:

  • Unique Visitors — 1,000

  • Opt-in rate — 35% [350 opt ins]

  • Sales Letter or Video Sales Letter (VSL) — $97/sale [10.5 sales = $1,018.50]

  • Upsell #1 — $47/sale [4.2 sales = $197.40]

  • Upsell #2 – $197/sale [2.1 sales = $394.00]

  • Downsell – $98/sale [0.5 sale – $0] 5% conversion rate

  • Post-sale – $297/sale [0.2 sales – $0] 2% conversion rate


In the “first session”, there would be a simple product launch using an optimized funnel (according to the 5 Step Sales Process I teach), which increases your revenues and customer lifetime value.

2nd Session:

  • Email sequence – $97/sale [4 sales = $388.00] 1% conversion rate

In this second session, you’d re-offer your product to a small email list. Not necessarily a new product, it’s simply being offered a different way.

3rd session:

  • Trial – $1 [35 sales – 5% stick = $1,697.50]

  • Backend sales on trial (upsell, downsell) = $1,034.95]

This time, the product is offered as a “trial”. This is a very clever way of using the freemium model. I like this because you’re giving value upfront and letting people try your product or service. If they like it, they’ll pay you to keep using it.

4th session:

  • Free module – [25% take – 2% stick – $169.75]

  • Backend – $59

Similar to the trial offer, but a little different. In this example, you’d offer one free module from the course by itself. Essentially, you’d re-packaged the same product differently to appeal to a different type of person.

5th Session:

  • Webinar 20% attendance rate = 70 people

  • 8% conversion rate (people buying) – [5.6 sales = $543.20]

  • Backend sales (after buying core offer) – $295 [emails with retargeting]

And finally, in this last session we’d use the power of webinars to sell your product/core offer. In this example the webinar had 70 people show up and an 8% conversion rate. These aren’t crazy numbers, with a little hustle and trial-and-error you can do this too.


 Total Sales = $7,636.90 | EPC (earnings per click) = $7.63


As you can see…

Standard marketing campaign – $485 revenue

Optimized marketing campaign – $7636.90 revenue

Q) Would you like to make over $7,000.00 from every 1,000 visitors you get?

A) I can help you make that happen.

In a competitive market, $1 per click is very normal. If that’s the case, you’d lose $515.00 with present-day click costs.

A fully optimized sales process in the current cut-throat “market environment” is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity.

The Simplified Equation: Optimized Funnel + Traffic = Profit (& Scale)

You could get over a billion impressions on your ads by tomorrow morning, but if your sales process doesn’t convert, you’ll make zero money.

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