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How To Fast Insert Ascii Arrows Characters From The Keyboard So You Could Write Better And Faster Marketing Materials

Using autohotkey you can use the script bellow to fast insert your arrows in emails, buttons, texts and so on: Right Arrow   → Left Arrow  ← Rightwards fikked arrow  ► Leftwards filled arrow  ◄ Block  █   Use the script bellow: ;Right Arrow ::–>:: {ASC 26} ;Left Arrow ::<–:: {ASC 27} ;Rightwards filled arrow … Read more

9 Lead Magents Ideas Summary

From one of the best articles on Guide/Report Cheat Sheet/Handout Toolkit/Resource List Video Training Software Download/Free Trial Discount/Free Shipping Quiz/Survey Assessment/Test  Blind/Sales Material Here are some mind maps from these lead magnets ideas: 8-Point Lead Magnet Success Checklist 1. Ultra Specific Do I sound like a broken record yet? I’ll repeat specificity more times … Read more

How to Get Leads on Facebook for $2 Each Diagram

  Tim: So you’re boosting post and then once you’re retargeting them what are you trying to get them to go to? Are you then sending them to a landing page. Are you sending them somewhere else? Jessica: Yes. When we’re retargeting them, we’re sending them to a landing page. So we have a variety … Read more

Ryan Deiss Funnel Conversion Webinar Notes

My personal notes: Lead Magnet 1 report worked better than 6 reports. People want the desired end result They don’t want to read the tutorial Focus on the desired end result. Quickly – consume in 5 minutes. Tripwire it’s not the price that keeps you from buying it  you want to charge something – change the relationship … Read more

A step-by-step case study from Neil Patel

A. Example of a standard campaign: Unique website visitors: 1,000 Conversion rate (percentage of people that buy): 0.5% Price: $97 Number of sales: 5 Total revenue: $485.00   Here you can see the numbers based on 0.5% conversion rate. Sadly, most sites convert worse than 0.5%. In fact, MOST sites don’t convert at all. If … Read more