How To Fast Insert Ascii Arrows Characters From The Keyboard So You Could Write Better And Faster Marketing Materials

Using autohotkey you can use the script bellow to fast insert your arrows in emails, buttons, texts and so on:

Right Arrow   →
Left Arrow  ←

Rightwards fikked arrow  ►

Leftwards filled arrow  ◄

Block  █


Use the script bellow:

;Right Arrow
::-->:: {ASC 26}
;Left Arrow
::<--:: {ASC 27}

;Rightwards filled arrow
::>>:: {ASC 16}
; Leftwards filled arrow
::<<:: {ASC 17}

;Block, graphic character
::||:: {ASC 219}

For a marketer this is very usefull because when you write emails, sales letters and other marketing materials you will be able to fast insert this arrows.

Let’s look at these two examples:

█ Here is my special price. ACT NOW – by clicking this link   ←

click here ◄
Thank you!

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