How to Get Leads on Facebook for $2 Each Diagram



Tim: So you’re boosting post and then once you’re retargeting them what are you trying to get them to go to? Are you then sending them to a landing page. Are you sending them somewhere else?

Jessica: Yes. When we’re retargeting them, we’re sending them to a landing page. So we have a variety of different opt-ins. We have an audio, we have a video series and we have like PDF tools worksheet. Depending on the ad, yeah, we’re sending them to multiple different opt-ins.

Tim: That’s great and are you making sure that there’s I assume you are, making sure there’s a sense of congruency where if somebody read a Facebook post that you did the ad that you’re retargeting them with and the offer are consistent with whatever was talked about in that post at least relatively close?

Jessica: Yes. Yes, yes, yes. That’s really important that you do have that consistency for whatever the I feel like brand building content. So whatever the free content was. So it’s you know, the next well is like the next step that makes sense will be then opting in to get something that expands further on the topic. Because yeah like you said, obviously if it’s two different worlds apart they may not be that interested in it. So then you’re not gonna be able to get leads for you know, the lower amount like that we’re sharing that.

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