Jewelahmmed Scammer On Fiverr

Jewelahmmed is a scammer on fiverr. 

For all the potential buyers that could get tricked from him and my stupid review here is what happened and what I’ve wrote to fiverr stuff. I hope I will get a refund!

I’ve made an order via fiverr messages.

I’ve requested to have debian installed for a mail server so I would have dkim and all the stuff a mail server needs.

Seller installed centos, it was very nice to me.

I’ve tested sporadically and it seems to work just DNS wouldn’t work. He tried for two days or hours with the dns entries but google postmaster and amazon sens wouldn’t take my txt records.

Because he was very nice I thought this was a small problem and we could get the DNS to work so I would have DKIM, even if I would use the DNS from contabo.

He assured me of all he’s help but I should pay him because the job was done.

I paid him and let a good review. After few days I’ve configured my script (and didn’t touch the webserver).

When I’ve login the panel was looking differently on how it look initial. I supposed he made some changes to resolve the DNS problem.

After my script went up DNS still not working and I dind’t know from were to get the DKIM key.

I’ve asked him and he didn’t know.

More than that he proved to me that he doesn’t understand DKIM, wasting me time and my support team from my domain. He believed I should gave him the DKIM key, and he came with all kind of excuses: like the site should be on the same server and so on.

THIS SHOKED ME because this mean he doesn’t know a thing about configuring mail servers, at least bellow me.

I’ve tried to get a refund from him but he doesn’t want.

The mail server is unusable without DNS and DKIM, and contracting other expert will be more expensive now because I have WRONG configured server. And the server can’t be wiped now because I’ve put my live script on it.

The experience was horrible. I think it’s the first time when I’ve got tricked this way online, with something very important for my bussiness.

Thank you

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